Catawissa Creek

Trip Rules and Guidelines

  1. We welcome all club members and their guests; however, after two trips with the MCC we require guests to join if they wish to continue paddling with the club.
  2. All of our trips can accommodate kayaks as well as canoes; however, some trips will be better suited for recreational, or touring kayaks and other trips for whitewater kayaks.
  3. Trip leaders choose rivers or sections of rivers, decide on adequacy of water levels, may move trips to a more suitable river, decide who goes on trips, select rest stops and lunch locations, insist on participant cooperation, make decisions regarding the safety and integrity of trips, set time to meet, run shuttles, begin trips, etc.
  4. The MCC expects that certain trip procedures be adhered to at all times, such as:
    1. Wear your PFD at all times on the water. This is an MCC requirement and reduces your risk if you need assistance and also reduces the risk of others who may need to help you. Inflatable PFDs are not allowed as a substitute
    2. Call trip leaders several days in advance of the activity. This is essential for the leader to complete plans and arrangements and ensures that you receive trip details so you can participate. Many leaders will cancel trips if no one calls in advance - other leaders may not be possible to reach at the last moment.
    3. Trips are group adventures. Your help and assistance with shuttles, rescues, and other trip details is vital. Please show respect and courtesy for others.
    4. Please inquire in detail about the trip. Make certain the trip is within your skill level and that your equipment is adequate.
    5. Conversely, please answer patiently questions from trip leaders. Besides getting to know you better, the leaders wish to insure the trip is appropriate for you.
    6. Most trip leaders meet at a certain time at the put-in, the takeout or another designated location. Be early to help with boat shuttles. Trip leaders set the time to best facilitate the trip. Most leaders are willing to wait a short period of time for late arrivals, but the group cannot be delayed for an overly delinquent arrival.
    7. Consider buying (or improvising) racks that can carry two boats. Shuttles are much easier when boats can be doubled up on cars.
    8. Stay together within the group and in sight of the boats in front of you, and behind you. Do not pass the lead boat and stay ahead of the sweep boat. We keep the group together for many reasons; safety, sociability, communications, etc. Repeated violations of important safety rules may result in members or guests being unwelcome on future trips of the club. Certainly, we welcome everyone with proper equipment and skill levels. Conversely, we are reluctant to deny any participation on club trips.
    9. Be self-sufficient; have all the equipment and gear and personal items with you that you will need. Again, ask about the nature of the trip so you will be prepared.
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