Catawissa Creek


What to do to receive an award

Complete a Mohawk CC mileage log form, which can be found in the Forms section of this website. Mail the completed form by January 2 for the previous year's miles to the address indicated on the form. Awards will be presented at the Mohawk CC Annual Dinner in January.

Applying for multiple awards

If you are submitting your miles for special awards other then total miles then submit an additional MCC mileage log form for each award you apply for (Delaware Award, White Water Award, etc.).

Reporting stationary miles

Total Miles can be calculated as actual trip miles paddled and other time on the water that is used for training, surfing, clearing, and playing, in hours. The formula is: every hour on the water not used during the actual trip is equivalent to three miles. List total trip miles, and the number of hours not used for the trip listed as a separate entry. Keep your own records and submit them on the MCC mileage log form to the address indicated on the form.

Mohawk Canoe Club Mileage Log

The Mohawk Canoe Club maintains a mileage log for any member who submits logs. In years past, this applied only to Governing Members. It was expanded to Cruiser members with the creation of that membership class. With the elimination of the two classes of membership, mileage logs may be submitted by any member and awards granted to any member who has met the mileage criteria.

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