Catawissa Creek



Due to the COVID-19 situation, our original trip schedule was canceled. We have started to run lower-risk trips that do not need ride sharing.

  • PFDs must be worn on all trips. For additional trip rules click here. A COVID-19 addendum has been added.
  • To go on a trip you must either be a member or their guest. In the current environment, inclusion of guests is at the discretion of the trip leader. Trip leader contact info is provided to members separately. Click here for membership info.
  • If you would like to go on a trip as a guest but don't know any members, you may email our membership chair (membershipAT to have the trip leader contact you.
  • The club has started using Meetup for some trips. You can sign up for these trips as usual by contacting the trip leader or follow the Meetup link in the table below for that trip.

See Next 60 days / To end of year / Entire schedule

DateDayTrip or ActivityClassLeaderMeetup
 10/28WedCrosswicks CreektidalLooie Voorhees 
DateDayTrip or ActivityClassLeaderMeetup
 11/4WedBatsto River
Up and back, starting at Lake Batsto
ILooie Voorhees 

Trip Leaders Needed: If you are willing and have the knowledge and skill to take on leadership, please consider leading a trip. Contact the Webmaster to have your name added to the schedule.

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