Catawissa Creek


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  • To go on a trip you must either be a member or their guest. Trip leader contact info is provided to members separately. Click here for membership info.
  • If you would like to go on a trip as a guest but don't know any members, you may email our membership chair (membershipAT to have the trip leader contact you.

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DateDayTrip or ActivityClassLeader
 1/1MonPaulins KillI or IIElliott Koppel
 1/14SunHike: AT to Sunfish Pond--Dennis Skillman
 1/21SunAnnual Dinner--Ruth Gibson
DateDayTrip or ActivityClassLeader
 2/10Satski or hiken/aMichael Paul
 2/21WedDownhill Skiing: Blue Mtn PA--Dennis Skillman
 2/24SatFlatbrookI+Chris Meyers
DateDayTrip or ActivityClassLeader
 3/3SatLamingtonI+Elliott Koppel
 3/7WedDownhill Skiing: Blue Mtn PA--Dennis Skillman
 3/17SatUpper TohickonI & IIIra Grindlinger
 3/18SunMusconetcongI & IIChris Meyers
 3/24SatLamingtonI+Dennis Skillman
 3/25Sun Neshaminy Creek PA
trip canceled
IMichael Paul
 3/31SatSouth Branch RaritanIKevin McCarthy
DateDayTrip or ActivityClassLeader
 4/8SunMusconetcongI & IIElliott Koppel
 4/11WedCedar CreekIJoe Logan
 4/14SatSouth Branch clean-up
leader change
ILinda Yeager
 4/15SunMusconetcong clean-upIChris Meyers
 4/18WedTomsIJoe Logan
(was Leader's choice)
ILinda Yeager
 4/23-4/26Mon-ThuUpper James River VA (river camping)IIDennis Skillman
 4/28SatRancocasIBill Mallack
 4/29SunTomsIJoe Logan
DateDayTrip or ActivityClassLeader
 5/5SatDelaware - Kingwood to Bulls IslandILinda Yeager
 5/6Sunskills enhancement--Johanna Meeker
 5/6SunWallkill River RefugeIKevin McCarthy
 5/12-5/15Sat-TueClarion River Western PA (canoe camping)IDennis Skillman
 5/12SatLower Delware - Phillipsburg to RiegelsvilleIMichael Paul
 5/19Sat Lehigh
trip canceled - high water
II to IIIKaren Markley
 5/20SunN. Branch Raritan
date change
IChris Meyers
 5/20Sun Toms
trip canceled
IJoe Logan
 5/23WedTomsIJoe Logan
 5/25-5/28Fri-MonUpper Delaware, camping at the Downs I to IILinda Yeager
 5/26SatDelaware Tinicum to Prallsville MillsIChris Meyers
 5/27SunSpruce RunFlatBill Mallack
 5/30WedCedar CreekIJoe Logan
DateDayTrip or ActivityClassLeader
 6/2SatDelaware Rieglesville to TinicumIBruce Wyman
 6/3SunBike trip Delaware Canal/Feeder Canal towpaths--Dennis Skillman
 6/6Wed Lower Delaware (8-10 miles between Riegelsville & Washington Crossing
trip canceled
I or I+Linda Yeager
 6/9SatSouth Branch Raritan
trip canceled
IKevin McCarthy
 6/10SunLehighII to IIIKaren Markley
 6/10SunMerrill Creek ResvFlatBill Mallack
 6/16-6/17Sat-SunDelaware - River Training--Ken Heaphy
 6/16SatPaulins KillIChris Meyers
 6/17Sun Delaware
trip canceled
ISusan Ritchie
 6/20WedCedar CreekIJoe Logan
 6/23-6/24Sat-SunDelaware - River Training--Ken Heaphy
date change
IMichael Paul
 6/24SunTomsIJoe Logan
venue change (was Toms)
IJoe Logan
 6/27WedLake Carnegie (moonlight)FlatBill Mallack
 6/30SatUpper-Upper South Branch RaritanI+Chris Meyers
DateDayTrip or ActivityClassLeader
 7/1SunDelaware: Riegelsville to Tinicum
new trip
IBruce Wyman
 7/6FriLackawaxen releaseII--
 7/7SatAtsion Lake (into Mullica)IBill Mallack
 7/8Sun Toms
trip canceled
IJoe Logan
 7/8Sunskills enhancement--Johanna Meeker
 7/11Wed Toms
trip canceled due to river blockages
IJoe Logan
 7/12ThuLower Delaware - Riegelsville to Tinicum
venue change
IMichael Paul
 7/13Fri Lackawaxen
trip canceled
IILeader Needed
 7/14SatHolland Twp circuit: Musconetcong/Delaware, Warren Glen-MilfordI+Chris Meyers
 7/15SunMullicaILinda Yeager
 7/19ThuLower Delaware - Kingwood to Bulls Island
date change
ILinda Yeager
 7/20FriLackawaxen releaseII--
 7/21SatRancocasIBill Mallack
 7/22Sun Lehigh
trip canceled
II to IIIKaren Markley
 7/25WedLake Carnegie (moonlight)FlatBill Mallack
 7/27FriLackawaxen releaseII--
 7/28SatSplit Rock Reservoir
date change (was 29th)
FlatBill Mallack
 7/29Sun Lehigh river - Glen Onoko to Bowmanstown
trip canceled due to high water
I-IIKaren Markley
DateDayTrip or ActivityClassLeader
 8/2-8/4Thu-SatAnniversary Trip I - Delaware from Hancock to Calicoon
Car camping
I & IIBruce Wyman
 8/5-8/8Sun-WedAnniversary Trip II - Delaware from Calicoon to Matamoras
Car camping
I & IIBruce Wyman
 8/9-8/11Thu-SatAnniversary Trip III - Delaware from Matamoras to Water Gap
Canoe camping
I & IIDennis Skillman
 8/3FriLackawaxenIILeader Needed
 8/4SatSpruce RunFlatBill Mallack
 8/10FriLackawaxen release----
 8/12SunPicnic--Ruth Gibson
 8/12Sun Picnic paddle (Delaware)
trip canceled due to high water
IChris Meyers
 8/16ThuLower Delaware S. Branch Raritan
venue change
ILinda Yeager
 8/18SatS. Branch Rockaway CreekI+Chris Meyers
 8/19Sun Toms
trip canceled (same day as race)
IJoe Logan
 8/22Wed Toms
trip is back on
IJoe Logan
 8/24FriLake Carnegie (moonlight)FlatBill Mallack
 8/25SatLower Delaware - Riegelsville to KingwoodIMichael Paul
new trip
II to IIIKaren Markley
DateDayTrip or ActivityClassLeader
 9/1SatMusconetcongI+Chris Meyers
 9/2SunBike ride: Leaders Choice
trip canceled
--Maddy Wells
 9/6-9/10Thu-MonAdirondack Canoe CampingFlatKevin McCarthy
 9/8SatLower Delaware: Kingwood to Bulls IslandI+Chris Meyers
 9/9Sun Toms IJoe Logan
 9/9Sunskills enhancement--Johanna Meeker
 9/9SunSedge Island, Island Beach State ParkFlat/TidalKaren Markley
 9/12WedCedar CreekIJoe Logan
 9/15SatSouth Branch RaritanIKevin McCarthy
 9/16SunDelaware Water Gap to BelvidereI+Linda Yeager
 9/19Wed Toms IJoe Logan
 9/22SatCedar Creek - Dover Forge to Western Ave.
date change
IDean Leistikow
 9/23SunWallkill River RefugeIKevin McCarthy
 9/29SatDelaware Rieglesville to Kingwood
date change
IBruce Wyman
 9/30SunS Branch Raritan--Maddy Wells
DateDayTrip or ActivityClassLeader
 10/6SatPaulins KillI+Chris Meyers
 10/7SunLehighII to IIIKaren Markley
 10/10WedTomsIJoe Logan
 10/13SatLittle Schuylkill I to IIMichael Paul
 10/14SunTomsIJoe Logan
 10/17WedCedar CreekIJoe Logan
 10/20SatDelaware (Fall Foliage)ILeader Needed
 10/21SunLeader's choiceISusan Ritchie
 10/26-10/27Fri-SatMullica (canoe camp)IDennis Skillman
 10/27SatRancocasIBill Mallack
 10/28SunLeader's choiceILinda Yeager
DateDayTrip or ActivityClassLeader
 11/3SatUpper TohickonI to IIIra Grindlinger
 11/3SatLower TohickonIIIDennis Skillman
 11/3 to 4 MarSatTohickon Release (tentative)----
 11/3SatD&R Canal, Cherry Tree Lane to Alexander RdFlatMichael Paul
 11/10SatWadingIMichael Paul
 11/11SunLeaders ChoiceI or IIBruce Wyman
 11/17SatMusconetcongI & IIChris Meyers
 11/24SatPaulins KillI or IIDennis Skillman
DateDayTrip or ActivityClassLeader
 12/22SatFull Moon Winter Hike (Round Valley Reservoir)--Dennis Skillman

Trip Leaders Needed: If you are willing and have the knowledge and skill to take on leadership, please consider leading a trip. Contact the Webmaster to have your name added to the schedule.

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